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Talisman Tasting

A Talisman is a sacred object which has been used for decades by Natives to bring luck, healing, and protection into their lives. Manifest whatever it is you want to attract to your life, while vibing high in luxury transportation that will take you to the exquisite vineyards of Sedona. Featured on 20/20 for manifesting a lucky life – Your guide Rachel Reenstra is the perfect one to awaken your inner magician.  With the beautiful backdrop of the finest vineyards Sedona has to offer and while tasting the best wine, she takes you through the ancient techniques used to help you create your own good fortune.

By the end of this tour not only will you have tasted the best wines, but you will also leave with your manifestation talisman that you marked with personal signs and symbols believed to confer on its bearer -supernatural powers, protection, and high frequencies.